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WBW is passionate about working with individuals and believes that seeking support for mental and emotional health should be as normalized as regular physical exercise.  Every individual has a rich history and individualized story.  Identifying themes and patterns, increasing awareness, and developing insight into the unique events and relationships in your life can increase ego strength, efficacy, and fulfillment.  Individual Therapy is greatly beneficial for those who feel stuck and are unsure of where to start.  Whether working with a therapist to feel better, change behaviors, develop better coping skills, or heal from past trauma, we are eager and honored to discuss what treatment options might be best suited to your needs.  

Holding Hands


WBW is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding therapy and normalizing its place and relevance in relationships.  Your earliest attachments affect and impact every relationship you will ever have.  Understanding your own attachment style, personality, and communication styles, can determine the success of your relationships; whether that be with your partner, parent, or boss.  Increasing insight and developing a greater awareness for the dynamics present can improve relationships, decrease miscommunication and tension, and identify negative interaction patterns so they may be resolved.  Essentially, the more information you have, the better you know yourself, the healthier your relationships can be.  WBW therapists are trained in and provide various treatment and counseling modalities.  The tools and resources you need are available if you are interested in improving the relationships in your life.


WBW does not believe in problematic children, teens, or families; as we have only encountered problematic behavior as a response to difficult dynamics and dysfunctional family systems.  Often parents will present their children or teens in therapy and ask how long it will take for a therapist to fix them. This is not the work WBW is interested in.  However, if you are a parent, and find yourself, your family, and the relationships with your children struggling, and desire to make the necessary shifts and adjustments as a collective unit, then we are anxiously waiting, and passionate about how we can work together.  Strong family relationships with mutual respect for all members and their experience, create resilient, independent, and confident people, capable of maneuvering life in all its complications and complexities. 

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